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Our Most Recent Interviews – Joel Reynolds of the NRDC and Taryn Heimer of the Marine Mammal Protection Project



Interviewing Joel Reynolds at the NRDC Western Headquarters in Santa Monica, California.

We recently wrapped a great interview with Joel Reynolds, Western Director and Senior Attorney of the National Resource Defense Council (NRDC) earlier this month.

We discussed ocean noise pollution, the Navy’s use of active sonar, seismic surveys in the search for oil in the Arctic and the future for cetaceans, specifically narwhals, in an increasingly loud ocean.



Director Ian Rowan interviewing Joel Reynolds.


Joel spoke about successfully litigating naval noise pollution and the hope for continued successes in helping to mitigate underwater noise pollution by challenging and working with industry to develop new technologies and techniques so as not to disrupt the marine environment to the detriment of all sea creatures.



Joel Reynolds, Western Director of the National Resource Defense Council.

We were also joined by Taryn Heimer, senior policy analyst with the NRDC marine mammal protection project, fresh from her return from attending the International Whaling Commission meeting in Portoroz, Slovenia but she didn’t let the jet lag get in the way of our interview and talking all things cetacean. She was especially adamant that her young child grow up in a world that still has not only whales but magical sea creatures like narwhals.


Taryn Heimer, Senior Policy Analyst for the NRDC Marine Mammal Protection Project.

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